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Baby fingers 200g (Globetti)

Balaton wafer dark chocolate 30g

Balaton wafer with rum 30g

Balaton wafer milk 30g

Boci straciatella chocolate 90g

Chio big pep 65g

Chio onion-sour cream 75g

Chio crisps paprika 75g

Chio crisps cheese 75g

Chio crisps spring onion 75g

Chio flips peanut crisps 100g

Chio master crock pizza 40g

Chio Taccos crisp 65g

Chocapic cornflakes bar 25g

Dianas candy 150g (Hazi sweet)

Sugar covered peanut 70g

Strawberry chocolate 25g

French dragee 70g

Gyori chocolate stuffed biscuit 150g

Gyori buscuit cocoa 150g 

Gyori sweet biscuit 180g

Gyori cocoa biscuit 180g

Gyori coconut biscuit 180g

Gyori negro candy classic 79g

Gyori negro candy honey 79g

Sunflowerseed peeled 100g (Mogyi)

Pumpkin seeds 70g (Mogyi)

Biscuit 180g (Detki)

Biscuit 200g (Gyori)

Horvath cakes mezes zserbo 450g

Horvath cakes isler 450g

Horvath cakes isler-linzer 450g

Horvath cakes linzer 450g

Horvath cakes punch 450g

Horvath cakes zserbo 450g

Isler cake XL 125g

Isler cake XL white 125g

Kapuciner chocolate 31g

Corn snack 75g (Pam-pam)

Linzer cake XL 125g

Lottery chocolate 25g

Mogyi Crasssh coated peanut with chilli flavour 60g

Mogyi Crasssh coated peanut with sour cream and onion flavour 60g

Roasted peanuts (Mogyi)

Mogyi mexicorn barbecue 70g

Mogyi mexicorn chili 70g

Mogyi mexicorn salty 70g

Mogyi sunflowerseed unsalted green 200g

Mogyi sunflowerseed salted yellow 200g

Mogyi popcorn cheesy 3x100g

Mogyi popcorn salty 3x100g

Mogyi popcorn buttery 3x100g

Nogradi salty sticks 45g

Pilota cocoa filled biscuit 180g

Pilota triple cocoa filled biscuit 180g

Pilota vanilla ring dark chocolate 150g

Pilota vanilla ring milk chocolate 150g

Ginger bread 200g (Real)

Real cheese wafers 100g

Cheese medallion roll 80g (Horvath)

Sport milk chocolate bar 51g

Sport dark chocolate bar 31g

Sport dark chocolate bar 42g

Samba chocolate 25g

Grape sugar candy natur 80g (Horvath)

Pumpkin seed 150g (Mogyi)

Urban grinding biscuit 200g

Urban mini pretzels covered in chocolate 160g

Urban wafer lemon 180g

Urban wafer cocoa 180g