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Spices and Sauces

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Table salt 1kg

Bay leaf 5g (Lucullus)

Ascorbic acid 50g

Paprika powder sweet 100g (Szegedi)

Paprika powder sweet 50g (Szegedi)

Paprika powder sweet ll. class 75g (Kalocsai)

Hot Paprika powder 100g (Szegedi)

Delikat spice mix 250g

Horse raddish in jar sweet 190g

Horse raddish in jar hot 190g

Cheap mayonnaise 480g

Cheap mustard 500g

Cinnamon whole 20g (Lucullus)

Cinnamon ground 20g (Lucullus)

Meat ball spice mix 34g (Lucullus)

Whole black pepper 20g (Lucullus)

Crushed black pepper 20g (Lucullus)

Barbecue spice mix 40g (Lucullus)

Whole cumin 20g (Lucullus)

Grounded cumin 20g (Lucullus)

Globus ketchup 485g

Globus mayonnaise 400g

Globus mustard in bottle 440g

Gyros spice mix 30g (Lucullus)

Dill leaves dried 5g (Lucullus)

Maggi broth cube 66g

Maggi smoked flavored cube 60g

Maggi goulash cube 60g

Maggi fish soup cube 60g

Maggi beef soup cube 66g

Maggi stew cube 60g

Maggi chicken soup cube 66g

Hungarian seasoning 40g (Lucullus)

Grounded marjoram 5g (Lucullus)

Parsley leaf 5g (Lucullus)

Roast chicken spice mix 34g (Lucullus)

Red salt 20g (Lucullus)

Baking soda 40g (Lucullus)

Univer sweet Anna 200g

Univer hot pepper cream (Eros Pista)

Univer garlic cream 70g

Univer goulash cream sweet 160g

Univer goulash cream sweet 70g

Univer goulash cream hot 160g

Univer goulash cream hot 70g

Univer ketchup 470g

Univer mayonnaise 420g

Univer horse-radish with mayonnaise 160g

Univer horse-radish with mayonnaise 70g

Univer mustard 440g

Univer paprika cream sweet 160g

Univer paprika cream sweet 70g

Univer paprika cream hot 160g

Univer paprika cream hot 70g

Univer pizzacream 160g

Univer pizzacream 70g

Univer stew 70g

Univer spagetti seasoning 70g

Vegeta food seasoning 250g

Gelatine for cooking 20g (Lucullus)