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Lakoma smoked sausage (Barath)

Lakoma spicy smoked sausage (Barath)

Smoked sausage (Kere Bt)

Smoked hot sausage (Kere Bt)

 Smoked sausage (Heves)

 Smoked spicy sausage (Heves)

Gyulai flamed sausage

Smoked bones with meet (Barath)

Smoked bacon (Kere Bt)

Smoked white bacon loose (Zador)

Smoked pork joint (Kere Bt)

Pork greaves seasoned 250g (Kere Bt)

Pork greaves 250g (Kere Bt)

Pork cracklings 200g (Barath)

Pork fat 500g (Barath)

Duck fat (Kivizsir)

Goose fat (Kivizsir)

Pork crackling in pork fat 150g (Heves)

Pork crackling paste with onion 150g (Heves)

Pork crackling paste hot 150g (Heves)

Pork brawn vacum packed 200g (Nadudvari)

Smoked white bacon vacuum packed (Zador)

Erdelyi style cooked-smoked with paprika bacon vacuum packed

Csecsi paprika bacon vacuum packed (Zador)

Pick rakoczi winter salami

Pick winter salami

Salami 750g (Familia)

Paprika salami 750g (Familia)

Hot Salami 750g (Familia)

Gyulai liver pate 125g

Gyulai liver pate with majoram 125g

Kaiser duck liver pate 120g

Finonimo pate 500g

Poultry parisian  1000g (Finomino)

Smoked poultry parisian 1000g (Finonimo)

Poultry parisian with cheese 1000g (Finonimo)

Pick pork parisian 400g

Pick beef parisian 400g

Saga smoked turkey parisian with cheese

Mini Pork parisian coldcut 400g (Privat Hus)

Mini Coldcut with vegetables 400g (Privat Hus)

Mini Garlic Coldcut with 400g (Privat Hus)

Mini Italian Coldcut with 400g (Privat Hus)

Sliced garclic sausage 100g (Privat Hus)

Sliced italian coldcut 100g (Privat Hus)

Sliced parisian coldcut 100g (Privat Hus)

Sliced zala coldcut 100g (Privat Hus)

Sliced paprika salami 70g (Familia)

Sliced hot paprika salami 70g (Familia)

Gyulai sliced sausage in vacuum 80g

Pick smoked pork parisian (2,2kg)

Pick pork parisian (2,2kg)

Saga smoked turkey parisian with cheese (2kg)

Pick tavaszi coldcut 2.2kg