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Frozen Products

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Apricot patties 1kg

Potato dumplings 500g

Potato Croquettes 450g

Chicken liver 500g

Chicken gizzard 500g

Boiled tripe 1kg

French Vegetable mix 450g

Gallicoop turkey burgers 540g

Gallicoop chese filled turkey burgers 1kg

Gallicoop chese and ham filled turkey burgers 1kg

Chestnut puree 250g

Grated gourd 1kg

Frozen fish soup base 200g

Hake fish 900g

White pudding for baking ~1,2kg

Black pudding for baking ~1,2kg

Meatballs for soup 250g

Pork mix for jelly 1.5kg

Puff pastry 500g

Liver balls for soup 250g

Dumplings filled with poppyseeds 600g

Cherry patties 1kg

Mini chocolate rolls 1kg

Breaded pork loin 750g

Spinach puree 450g

Breaded Trapista cheese 450g

Filo pastry 200g

Cheese and sour cream scones 1kg

Yellow beans 450g

Sorell Puree 450g

Sausage for baking ~1.2kg

Dumplings filled with plum jam 600g

Pastry balls filled with plum 1kg

Scones with pork cracklings 1kg

Dumpling filled with cottage cheese 600g

Pastry balls with cottage cheese 500g

Hard hen (small)

Green peas 450g