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Boci cocoa drink 200ml

Bryndza sheep soft cheese 100g

Yeast 50g (Budafok)

Falusi cooking cream 20% 200ml

Fittej cocoa drink 450ml

topping cream 250ml (Falusi)

Hajdu buttercream hungarian 200g

Hajdu buttercream natur 200g

Hulala foam base 200ml

Hulala foam base 500ml

Ice coffee 300ml (Milli)

Cocoa drink 450ml (Oke)

Hungarian butter 100g

Hungarian sour cream 20% 330g

Medve cheese spicy 140g

Medve cheese natur 140g

Medve cheese with ham 140g

Medve cheese with winter salami 140g

Milli puding cocoa 500g

Milli puding vanilla 500g

Milli vanilla cottage cheese cream with biscuits 90g

Milli vanilla cottage cheese cream vith sultanas 90g

Milli vanilla cottage cheese cream 90g

Parenyica smoked cheese (Milsy)

Pottyos Guru with caramell 38g

Pottyos cottage cheese with chestnut 5*51g

Pottyos cottage cheese with peanut 5*51g

Pottyos cottage cheese natur dark 5*51g

Pottyos cottage cheese with plum jam 5*51g

Pottyos cottage cheese milk chocolate 5*51g

Pottyos milk cake with chocolate 28g

Pottyos milk cake 28g

Pottyos cottage cheese banana 6*30g

Pottyos cottage cheese strawberry 6*30g

Pottyos cottage cheese apricot 6*30g

Pottyos cottage cheese natur 6*30g

Pottyos cottage cheese milky 6*30g

Rama cube margarine 250g

Cottage cheese semi-skimmed nadudvari 250g

Trappista halved cheese Falusi