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Globus pork liver pate 190g

Globus poultry liver pate 190g

Globus beef liver pate 190g

Poultry liver pate 65g (Szegedi)

Pork liver pate 62g (Szegedi)

Pork liver pate 190g (Szegedi)

Beef liver pate 65g (Szegedi)

Hame duck and pork liver pate 120g

Hame goose and pork liver pate 120g

Luncheon meat special 130g (Globus)

Minced pork meat 400g (Ringa)

Globus provance toast cream 290g

Globus french toast cream 290g

Globus mexican toast cream 290g

Globus pizza toast cream 290g

Globus hamburger toast cream 290g

Globus mushroom toast cream 290g

Aranyfacan tomato puree in tin 70g

Aranyfacan tomato puree in tin 70g

Tomato puree in jar 370ml

Gherkins 6-9cm

Peach compote in jar 720g

Cherry pepper hot 680g (MP)

Gerkings in brine 680g (Rege)

Green beans in jar 720ml Real)

Real vegetable stew 680g

Seedless sour cherry compote 720ml (Szatmar aranya)

Applepepper pickled hot 680ml (Petis)

Red cabbage 720ml (Rege)

Wax beans 720ml (Real)

Pepperoni peppers 670g

Pickled shredded vegetables 720 ml (Real)

Beetroot salad 720ml (EKO)

Sour cabbage whole (PP+R)